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In Western North Carolina there is no shortage of mystique surrounding the distillation of spirits. Most stories revolve around the illicit production and distribution of fiery corn whiskey by poor but proud mountaineers. Striving souls battling poverty and existence in a rugged land.
Eda Rhyne Partners
Located in Asheville, NC, Eda Rhyne Distillery is dedicated to producing exceptional small batch spirits that capture the creative, hardworking spirit of Southern Appalachia. They source local heirloom corn and grains that give a uniquely North Carolina flavor to their whiskey. They also use only responsibly harvested organic botanicals, some grown on Owner/Distiller Rett Murphy’s own Aardvark Farm, some wild crafted from the mountains surrounding Asheville.

Less is known about the medicinal aspect of the “ancient art of the hills”. The Blue Ridge was not only a difficult terrain but also a therapeutic landscape. Appalachia’s many micro-habitats are home to some 2,500 plant species, of which some 1,100 have been reported to have medicinal properties. Spirits often provided the perfect way of extracting the healing qualities of these plants.

Eda Rhyne Distilling Co. is mining the flavors of these regional medicinals to craft truly unique interpretations of traditional herbal liquors and other fine spirits. Our Appalachian Fernet, Amaro Oscura, Amaro Flora and Pinnix Gin use folk knowledge passed down for generations to capture a terroir that honors the land and the people of Southern Appalachia.

Eda Rhyne is dedicated to using innovation in distilling and farming techniques to help minimize their environmental impact. Their distilling system recycles all of our processed water and thermal heat, and they also reuse their solid organic waste as fertilizer to grow the botanicals used in their distinct spirits.