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BHAKTA Spirits founder Raj Peter Bhakta went from investment banking to real-estate to reality TV to a run for Congress to a failed Vermont dairy farm. There, brooding in his Elba in dire financial straits, he essentially sparked the craft rye whiskey movement out of necessity. Eight years later, he walked away from WhistlePig Whiskey, having created a billion-dollar brand and a personal fortune.

After exiting WhistlePig, spirits entrepreneur Raj Bhakta unearthed a historic cache of Armagnac vintages in a storybook French chñteau while on a global sabbatical in search of craft spirit’s next big breakthrough. Acquiring the ancient cellar and property, Bhakta continued adding to the company’s stocks by aggressively seeking out the world’s finest vintage spirits of all ages, expressions, and categories.

This venture, BHAKTA Spirits, is an act of love, not of desperation. He's searching the world over to find the best vintage spirits, curating the finest selection for his House of Vintages. Having spent a lifetime acquiring an encyclopedic knowledge of fine spirits and the capital necessary to secure them, Raj Peter Bhakta is proud to welcome you to his personal cellars.