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Kategorie: 117º West Spirits

With nearly two decades of homebrewing experience and a doctorate in chemistry from UC San Diego, 117º West Spirits head distiller Justin McCabe has chosen to weave these two passions together to reinterpret traditional spirit recipes.

The distillery's workhorse is an Alexandria Still manufactured by Henry Anderson of Gatling Stillworks and designed by Mike Boyich of DLM labs in Ontario, Canada. 

117° West Spirits embraces the tradition and innovation of craft spirits. They opened in December of 2017 in Vista, CA and have been striving to produce quality California spirits since day one.

Their recipes are built on old styles like Genever Gin or Single Malt Whiskey, but they aim to create new flavors by using unique blends of high-quality ingredients inspired by the craft beer world along with a one-of-a-kind still.

The Alexandria Still with a Gatling column is truly unique and is the workhorse of their operation. It utilizes direct steam distillation, which results in a soft and flavor-forward spirit that features the quality of their ingredients.

Nearly all of 117º West's malted grain comes from Admiral Maltings in Alameda, CA who source all of their grain from California farms. The distillery's ultimate goal is to produce the finest California Whiskey you can find.