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A Grain to Glass Irish Boutique Distillery 

Tipperary Boutique Distillery Limited was founded in March 2016 by Jennifer Nickerson, Stuart Nickerson and Liam Ahearn. As a group with complimentary skills in distilling, financial planning and farming, they possess unique expertise to deliver world class Irish whiskies.

The team has unrivalled experience, from raw ingredients (Liam’s family have farmed the land for generations) to distillation and maturation (Stuart has more than 35 years experience managing Scotland’s most successful distilleries).

Situated in Ireland's Golden Vale, Tipperary Boutique Distillery is based on the Ahearn family farm. This spectacular location, combined with founder Stuart Nickerson’s whiskey expertise and passion, affords the opportunity to create great whiskey from the distillery’s own barley, grown on Ballindoney farm in County Tipperary.

Their Single Malt Irish Whiskies are small batch, with only 6 barrels selected for each bottling. Every bottle is numbered, so each one is special. They do not chill filter their whiskies, which retains the full flavour of the spirit.

They also link the distilling process back to the farm, with their Watershed and Knockmealdowns whiskies cut to bottling strength with water from Ballindoney farm, giving a unique link to Tipperary