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Collection: Hyde Irish Whiskey

The Hyde family have been involved in the Irish drinks business for over twelve generations since 1640. Hyde is presidential quality Irish whiskey named in honour of Ireland’s very first president Douglas Hyde. President Hyde was an inspirational figure who helped to define Ireland’s national identity.

The Hyde family have a long tradition of being involved in the drink business in Ireland.

The Hyde were well known bar owners at ‘Tinker’s Cross’ just outside Bandon in West Cork, from 1640 to 1962. Here the Hyde’s would sell fine Irish whiskey and draught Stout straight from wooden oak casks that they would tap with a wooden mallet and a brass tap.

This same Hyde Bar was also the HYDE Blacksmith’s forge for over 300 years. The Hyde family were Vintners here for over ten generations. Hyde's bar was famous for always having some of the finest bonded Irish whiskey in West Cork.

Today Conor Hyde is the first generation of Hyde’s not to own a pub in West Cork, Ireland, but he continues the Hyde reputation for bonding and purveying some of Ireland’s finest Irish whiskey.