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Collection: Do Good Distillery

"Do Well by Doing Good" - Ben Franklin


Do Good Distillery is a family-owned craft distillery in Modesto, California. They state that their primary goal is to "make uniquely wonderful craft spirits, with an emphasis on whisky. We strive to use local ingredients as much as possible, and give back to our local community in true “Do Good” fashion."

The distillery was first thought of by their Master-in-Chief of all things Whisky, Jim Harrelson. He and his brother in law Paul Katuszonek used to drink whisky together weekly after a long work week. He became interested in the world of craft whisky and dreamed about someday opening his own distillery. Unfortunately, tragedy struck and his brother-in-law Paul was killed in a car accident. This loss caused Jim to internalize the idea that "life is simply too short and uncertain for us to be doing anything less than passionately pursuing our dreams." Do Good Distillery was founded on October 11th, 2013. The name comes from a Benjamin Franklin quote, "You do well, by doing good." They believe that this encompasses the beliefs of their business and the impact they wish to have on the community.

Do Good Distillery offers various different products including different variations of whisky, gin and rum. They have been recognized multiple times by World Whiskies Awards, even winning Gold for their Cherry Wood Smoked Whisky.