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Doug Stone

Founder, ForWhiskeyLovers

Doug Stone, Founder, ForWhiskeyLovers

From Bazooka Joe to Balvenie, what a long strange trip its been


In 1967, at the tender age of 6, Doug discovered the power of Social Networks when he became a charter member of what was arguably the worlds first: The Bazooka Joe Magic Circle Club. However the cost of the annual membership (100 bubble gum wrappers) proved unsustainable given his dentist-fathers abhorrence for gum chewing, so he was left no choice but to resign his regional coordinator position at the age of 8.

Doug discovered single malt Scotch soon after arriving at a double-digit age. A suburban ne-er-do-well, he discovered, hidden behind bottles of cheap clear liquor, his father’s secret cache of the “Wee Dram.” His fathers liquor selection (Popov Vodka, ShopRite Rum, and 4-5 bottles of outstanding single malt whiskies) left him little option.

For the next 38 years Doug drifted directionless in search of community affiliation. The idea for a community ForWhiskeyLovers stirred in him during his search for a bottle of Loch Dhu, a favorite of his and his esteemed progenitor. His search revealed that the brand had gone extinct, and it was then that he essayed to harness his near-two-decades of interactive online technology, content-creation, e-commerce and marketing experience to the noble cause of rescuing endangered scotches… primarily for his own use, once the clock nudges past 6 (PM, usually).

Doug’s Internet involvement began in 1993. Prior to starting ForWhiskeyLovers, Doug served as Group Director of Interactive Media at Siegel+Gale; as CEO of online marketing firm Abstract Edge; and Vice President of Interactive Marketing for Starwood Hotels and Resorts, the world’s largest hotel company.

Happily married to his beautiful and saintly tolerant wife Gabriella, and father of four amazing kids, his secret hideout is in historic Piermont, New York, near the banks of America’s first information superhighway, the Hudson River. He also claims to make the best damn chili you'll ever taste.