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Wandering Barman Ready-to-Drink Cocktails Now In The House!

It's the middle of the winter and, depending on which rodent you followed last week, we either have 6 more weeks of winter, or its about over.

Either way, if you're feeling like me, you're ready for a change from the weather...from the masks...from the world news...from it all. So this week I decided to feature something totally different in our email.

In addition to running FWL, I owned a restaurant in my town until recently.  It was while I was running that restaurant that I was introduced to the Wandering Barman.

No, the Wandering Barman was not an aging bartender, with an apron around his waist, wandering aimlessly around my town looking for a job.

The Wandering Barman is a Brooklyn NY-based group of cocktail industry veterans (Think: bearded hipsters who know what they're doing with a cocktail shaker) moving the cocktail industry towards smarter and more sustainable practices by making the most spectacular ready-to-drink cocktails with quality ingredients and less waste. They combine their our own bitters, syrups, and infusions with quality spirits to create original cocktails that are mouth-watering delicious and go down way way way too fast!

I'm serious...they are THAT GOOD!

There are times when you want a great whiskey, neat or on a rock or two, and then there are times when you really want a spectacular cocktail served to you.

Now we have you covered for both!

I urge you to give these ready-to-drink cocktails a try...try all may never go out to a bar again!