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ForWhiskeyLovers Offers Last Drop Limited Release Spirits

The Last Drop Distillers was founded in 2008 by two icons of the spirits industry, Tom Jago and James Espey OBE. Their aim was to curate the world’s most remarkable spirits, finding treasures across different spirit categories and sharing them with those who seek the genuinely extraordinary.


This passion for exploration and discovery continues to this day: Tom and James’ daughters: Rebecca Jago and Beanie Geraedts-Espey joined The Last Drop in 2014 to help share their fathers’ vision with a wider audience.

The Last Drop team is now led by Rebecca Jago, daughter of co-founder Tom Jago, who passed away in 2021. Now, as Rebecca takes the helm, a staunch advocacy for excellence remains as much a personal mantra as a professional one.


The Last Drop is driven by integrity, and each of its releases is saturated with stories of the journey, and is committed to seeking out and bringing to their customers only the finest and most remarkable aged spirits.


This week, thanks to the "friendships" our man Nicky No Neck has cultivated over the years, we are proud to offer the serious WhiskeyLover a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire two exceptional bottles of whiskey, and a two-bottle collection of spectacular Tawny Ports.




When this whisky was first blended, it would have been described as a “deluxe blend”, comprising over 60% single malts. Nearly 20 years in sherry butts, before a long, slow finish in ex-Bourbon casks, has produced a magnificent whisky: a perfect example of the magic that can happen between distillate and wood.


56 years’ ageing have created a remarkable and unique whisky, with all the hallmarks of single malts from every corner of Scotland. There are notes of Islay smoke, sweetness from Speyside, and a roundness and depth that is redolent of the Highlands. The colour comes from many years in sherry, but the additional 30 years in bourbon wood have brought complementary layers of vanilla and molasses.


ANTHONY ROSE, HOW TO SPEND IT: A 47.2% cask strength blended malt and grain scotch, it is deep bronze-gold in colour. The aromas combine a sweet depth of smoky, vanilla-like elements with a rich apricot fruitiness in a seductive fragrance that comes across with a cognac-like spice and sweetness. Behind a texture that’s as smooth as silk, the complexity of flavour erupts in an explosion of smoke, tar, vanilla and stone fruit that’s initially rich before turning delicately dry, all while retaining a remarkable freshness.

IWSC 2020 98 Points: Ultimate Gold - Rich and mellow: warm and appealing aromas of madeira, leather and tropical fruit. Subtle smoke with gentle spice on the palate.

Release Size: Exactly 732 bottles Worldwide, and includes a 50mL Bottle of this exquisite spirit



In Scotland in 1971, some 40 different distilleries of malt and grain whiskies were busy crafting the spirits that would eventually become part of this truly exceptional blend. This 1971 whisky can be classed as a ‘triple matured’ blend: having first been blended in 1983 for a Premium 12 Year Old, a reserve of the liquid was refilled into ex-Oloroso Sherry Butts. After a further nine years of ageing, a small proportion was refilled once more, this time into ex-American Oak Barrels. There followed a final maturation of 24 years in an old traditional dunnage warehouse before we bottled the whisky, in its prime, at the grand old age of 45 years.

You need only to taste one drop to be enveloped in the harmonious complexity of this exceptional whisky, yet one drop is certainly not enough to unveil all the rich flavors developed during its long, multi-faceted maturation  

Bottled at 46.7% ABV


KEN GARGETT, QUILL & TIME: So, how good is Last Drop 1971 blended Scotch whisky? Some great spirits are surely meant to be drunk – sipped reverently – on bended knee. This is one of them. Raisins, sultanas, glacé fruit; it is still amazingly fresh and vibrant, yet incredibly complex. The hallmark of this spirit is, however, its great length. The length has more in common with one of the wonderful old Rutherglen muscats. It is mindbogglingly long and the intensity never wavers for an instant.

More flavors unfold on the palate: stone fruits, figs, orange rind, even florals. The texture offers some fire and power. This is decadence in a glass.

Release Size: Exactly 1,352 bottles Worldwide, and includes a 50mL bottle of this amazing spirit