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ForWhiskeyLovers Hosts National Bottled In Bond Day Tasting Event: An Evening with Boston Harbors Rhonda Kallman

March 2022 marks the 125th anniversary of the signing of the National Bottled in Bond Act of 1897.  Prior to this act, whiskey drinkers couldn’t always be sure what was pouring out of their whiskey bottles.


The Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 passed with support from distillers and drinkers alike to ensure consistency and quality, by providing tax incentives for participating distillers for their cooperation with Treasury agents patrolling the federally bonded warehouses.



To celebrate the anniversary of this, at 08:00pm EST on March 10th 2022 I will be hosting an online (ZOOM) tasting event with Rhonda Kallman, one of the most respected entrepreneurial people in the world of craft spirits. Among Rhonda's credentials

  • over 35 years experience in the alcohol beverage industry and is considered one of America's beverage industry thought leaders. 
  • at age 24 while working at The Boston Consulting Group, Rhonda met Jim Koch.  Together they founded The Boston Beer Company (aka Sam Adams Beer) and built the most successful craft beer company in the world. 
  • In 2012, Kallman founded Boston Harbor Distillery, to make whole-grain whiskey and other exceptional spirits, located in a historic building on Boston’s southernmost waterfront

On Thursday March 10th (at 08:00pm EST) Rhonda and John Stark, Master Blender & Lead Distiller, will take us through a tasting of 5 Rye whiskey varieties:


Putnam Rye Whiskey ”White Label": Grain bill is made up of 95% rye malt and 5% two-row malted barley aged in 53-gallon white American Oak barrel that has been toasted and heavily charred for 4 years, then bottled at 86 proof.


Putnam Cask Strength Rye Whiskey: Putnam New England Rye is made from whole grains of rye and barley malt and finished with fresh Quabbin Reservoir water and aged until ready in 53-gallon white American Oak barrels.  Each barrel imparts its own unique character, so every Single Barrel Cask Strength Whiskey is one of a kind. Bottled at whatever alcohol the cask is at time of bottling (generally 122 - 131 proof)


Putnam Red Wine Finished Rye Whiskey: Putnam New England Rye is aged to perfection, then re-barreled in Cabernet Franc wine barrels used to make wine at neighboring Boston Winery, aged until ready and bottled at 86 proof.


Demon Seed Whiskey: Scorpion Pepper flavored Rye Whiskey with Fresh Ginger & Maple Syrup, bottled at 66.7. This whiskey brings the heat and transforms any cocktail or shot!


Boston Harbor Putnam Barrel Aged Old Fashioned: Boston Harbor's signature Rye whiskey expertly blended together with Demerara and Angostura Bitters, then re-barreled for a smooth, whiskey-forward cocktail, bottled at 70 proof. Pour over ice, add orange swath, enjoy!


Tasting Event Attendees will receive the ZOOM meeting information in an order confirmation mail, and then again the day of the event