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Neil Giraldo Three Chord Bourbon Interview

In the last few years, multiple celebrities have launched their own spirits brands. Some successfully, some not so much. Last spring I had the opportunity to try Three Chord Bourbon, created by music industry legend Neil Giraldo and a world class team of spirits industry veterans he has assembled around him. I wasn't expecting much...and man, was I wrong.

Three Chord Bourbon can be described in one word: Spectacular.

So I reached out to Neil, and asked if he'd be willing to sit down with me, and discuss his Bourbon. Amazingly enough, he said “yes”.

In June I was fortunate to spend a couple of hours one afternoon with Neil, and got to know a truly class act. “Humble”, “down to earth” and “great guy” are all descriptors I'd associate with Neil.

And he really knows his bourbon.

Below find my interview, and the answers to why the name “Three Chord”, and what it means to have “perfectly tuned taste”.