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D.C. Distillers Name "Rodham Rye" After Secretary Clinton as a Toast to Women in History

If you're anything like us, the only thing keeping you from smashing your television during the last election cycle was a trusty bottle of whiskey. Luckily, the dust has settled to reveal that Washington D.C. has been experiencing a craft spirits renaissance, all thanks to a new law passed by the city council making it legal to distill spirits. Now, there are eight flourishing distilleries in the area, including Republic Restoratives: a distillery run by two women and inspired by the history of women in America. Their newest release, Rodham Rye, pays trubute not only to Hillary Clinton but to the pantheon of women who have fought to make in impact on American history.

Although Clinton did not succeed in becoming the 45th president of the United States, her lifetime of hard-won political achievement and status as the first female presidential candidate nominated by a major political party are inspirational to generations of women worldwide. Republic Restoratives seeks to commemorate these feats with their bold, spicy new Rye whiskey (Clinton is known to be a fan of the spirit, and the distillers believe it to be a whiskey of "hardiness, character, and resilliance.")

Trump has also had a spirit distilled in his honor: a special bottling of Leadslingers Bourbon whiskey. However, Trump's dram could only be bought and sampled by the attendees of his Inagural Ball; Rodham Rye has been available here since its release on March 25th at the end of Women's History Month.

Pia Carusone and Rachel Gardner

The release party consisted of a panel about ways to support women, and featured Jessica O'Connell of Emily's List and Dionna Dorsey of District of Clothing as guest speakers. The distillery's other spirits, Civic Vodka and Borough Bourbon, were also available, and were accompanied by foods from Black Pear Tarts, a woman-owned bakery.

Five percent of the profits from Rodham Rye will be donated to Emily's List to help more women get elected to political office.

According to Republic Restoratives owners Pia Carusone and Rachel Gardner, Rodham Rye is "a tribute to to the women who make us what we are today, from those who fought for the vote, and to end prohibition, our sisters and mothers, and women everywhere who speak out, take risks, and raise up the leaders of tomorrow." 

Adapted from TheDailyMeal