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Move over Jack and Jim: Craft Whiskey is on the Rise

If you've been especially perceptive during your last few trips to the the bar (not likely, we know) you may have noticed that more of your buddies have been trading in their pint glasses for something a little more sophisticated. According to a 2016 market report from the Distilled Spirits Council, sales of American whiskeys such as bourbon, rye, and Tennessee have exploded, with growth rates nearly doubling those of vodka.

Surprisingly, old favorites like Jack Daniels and Jim Beam are not leading the charge: the recent whiskey boom is largely thanks to the increasing popularity of craft spirits, especially among millennials. Local, small batch whiskeys appeal to milennial needs for authentic products with a heritage, as reported by The Atlantic.

A surging demand for quality booze history can also be seen outside the whiskey world: Tito's "handmade" vodka has become more popular in the face of slowing overall interest in the spirit, and Miller Lite's throwback white cans have improved sales tremendously. 

Craft spirits won't be leaving the spotlight anytime soon, so now might be a good time to increase your craft whiskey IQ. Get with the times and familiarize yourself with some of our best American whiskeys here:


Adapted from MensHealth