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The Whiskey Explorers

The Worlds' Premier Blind Sampling Club

For aficionados, eager to experience the widest variety of whiskies and increase their knowledge of whiskey along the way, we offer our club, The Whiskey Explorers

Whiskey Explorers® Membership Options:

Whiskey Explorers Scout Membership: One (1) Sample Flight of 4 Spectacular Whiskies - $79.95

Whiskey Explorers Voyager Annual Membership: Four (4) Sample Flights of 4 Spectacular Whiskies (16 Whiskies total) - $189.95 (Currently Over Subscribed)

Whiskey Explorers Overview

Inspired by the "blind tasting" bar game, we designed The Whiskey Explorers to introduce members amazing whiskies they most likely have not experienced before, free of any pre-conceived notion of a "brand", price or age as an indicators of quality, or even a prior experience with a type of whisky.

Members receive quarterly sample flights, each of which contain four (4) whiskey samples in 50mL bottles.  Each bottle is generically labeled, so that the only way the members can find out what they are tasting is to enter that generic code on our website, which initiates a game called "My Whisky IQ".

The My Whisky IQ game requires members to enter their own tasting notes and ratings of the whisky by answering ten multiple choice questions that ask them to:

  • Describe the whisky’s color
  • Describe the whisky’s nose
  • Describe the whisky’s mouth feel
  • Describe the whisky’s taste
  • Describe the whisky’s finish
  • Rate the whiskey on a scale of 1-10
  • Guess the retail price of the whisky
  • Guess the brand of the whisky
  • Enter any comments they would like to add, free-text entry.



Upon completing the game, members

  1. Are told what whisky they just tasted
  2. Receive a 10% discount to purchase that whisky in our online store
  3. Learn their game “score” for that whisky.

Memberships for people living in Alaska and Hawaii will incur addtional shipping charges. Please contact us to learn about/ pay for the additional charges.