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Whisky School

I was listening to the caskstrengh blog by Mark Gillespie the other day and heard that there is a distillery in the New York region (?) that will let you use their equipment to make your own whisky.  The cost was very high though.  How much would you pay for such an experience.  Included is 1 week accomodation and meals, training in distilling, the use of equipment and supplys to make whisky, and casks and warehousing, etc etc.

It would be a cool experience, but lately I have been looking at buying an actual cask from a distillery and letting them store and age it and then bottle it after a minimum of 10 years or so.  That is very expensive as well, but it would be cool to get a bunch of people together and create something.  Maybe a ForLovers Single Malt?  


Check out Ralfy's video series (two videos I think) where he interviews two people that bought a cask for there daughter (who is a toodler right now) at Glengoyne.  I have attached dthe link

It would definitly be a good idea to "go in" with friends or family.

Where abouts are you from, do you have any distilleries close to you?  Which distilleries would yo be interested in purchasing a cask from?  Have you research how much it would cost, if so how much?


They seem to vary from 1000 pounds to 3600 pounds.  Most include storage for 10 years, samples, bottling, and labels.  Shipping the bottles after is a cost not covered which means HM tax/duty needs to be paid.  

To me it really doesn't matter on the distilery, but I really like a nice balance of smoke, creaminess, vanilla, classic Speyside.  I live in upstate NY, so I really don't have close distillery.  


Actually I think that distillery I was talking about that offers training in distilling is in New York somewhere!  If you could get enough people together 1000 pounds doesn't seem like to much to pay for good whisky.  Thanks for the link I'll check it out.

I would be ver interested in a school such as this.  Any idea where in NY this place is?  Clearly, it is a risky process and would require supervision. 

I can't imagine spending that kind of money to wait and have a bad cask.  You may want to talk with The Scotch Malt Whisky Society if you want to find out more about their selection process.  I took one of their classes last year. 

I took the classes at the Universal Whisky Experience in Vegas.  They were more high end tastings than "classes", but very informative.