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What's your every day scotch?

As much as I would like, I cannot afford single malts as a daily pleasure.  So I have settled on Dewars White label as my every day scotch.  For a blend, I find it pleasing without a hefty price.

What's yours?

well the blend that I would choose is called Te Bheag, it is reasonably easy to find in Ontario, and cost about $32 a bottle.  It has a higher than normal malt content and is very good all round.  If your unable to find that here are three others that I have tried and enjoyed: Black Bottle, Teachers Highland Cream, and Johnny Walker Black.


I haven't heard of Te Bheag.  Will search around to see if its available.  I have tried both Teachers Highland and Johnny Walker Black.  I enjoyed Teachers but have never really like JW, either Red or Black.  I suppose it goes back to the days when I could only afford Cutty Sark and thought that JWR had an after taste.  Of course, drinking Cutty might have had a lot to do with my taste buds back then!

When I was in the Air Force, a buddy and I were temporarily stationed in a very small town in Greece, Nea Anchialos.  We were there for 8 weeks and we drank the local liquor shop out of every bottle of scotch they had.  Ballentines, Cutty, JW and a few others I don't remember.  We even moved on to Ouzo after a while.  Such is the life of a 20 year old.  Glad I lived through that!

I have to agree that the Teachers is a great bargain -- enjoyable and cheap!  Famous Grouse is OK.  I don't care for Chivas Regal but that is only about $17.

There are some real bargains on single malts around that you may want to consider:  Tamdhu 10 ($18) &Glenfiddich 12 ($23). 

I decided to again have some Chivas Regal after posting yesterday and it was drinkable.  You may like it and you can't beat the price.

I had a friend who would only drink Chivas, so I have had my share.  While I think it is good, I don't usually drink it because that is all he would drink and I kept thinking there has to be others.  Thus began my quest for Single Malts!

I will keep my eye out for Tamdhu.  I haven't tried that before.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I have recently tried Black Bottle, if you like smokey whisky you might find some enjoyment in it.  I believe the primary malt in the blend is Bunna, so it's by no means a peat monster.  I also think it is pretty competitivly priced.  Although they aren't from Scotland have you had any Irish Whisky?  They tend to be very nicely priced and I have been enjoying a run of Irish whiskies latley (it's summer and I like a lighter spirit).  I have found that the bushmills is tasty, I also liked the Killbeggan (although I'm not sure what the availability will be like).

Cost be damned, my favorite (and daily) Scotch is Glenmorangie Portwood. Actually, for all the Scotches I've sampled over the years, Glenmorangie surpasses them all.


I recently discovered Tamdhu 10 after it was suggested to me by an employee at one of the New Hampshire State Liquor stores. He said it was his everyday- go- to- Scotch. I'm glad I listened to him because it is very good.

Lately, it has been Jameson 12 or Glenfiddich 15


I prefer the Glenfiddich 15 over the 12 -- keep an eye out on line and you will find some real bargain prices for the 15.  If you can try the Distillers Edition of the Glenfiddich 15, it is great! 

For my weekly (not up to daily!) dram, I've been enjoying Ballantine's finest...quite good on the rocks if that's how you take it.  Woodford Reserve Bourbon and Johnnie Walker Black goes well at the end of the day, too.   For single malts, Talisker or Dalwhinnie 15.  There are some good deals at Trader Joe's, if there's one in your area.


Just took a hip flask full of Ballantines out with me the last time I golfed, got to the fourth hole before needing a "quick nip".  Styrofoam cup is not the best tasting glass, but it worked in a pinch.  It's a great blend and right up there on my top blend lists.