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Power's Gold Label

Has anyone tried Power's gold label and what did you think of it.  I had the choice between the Poswers and Killbeggan, I choose the Killbeggan and was very pleasently surprised, but I'm still curious about the powers.

I paid I think $17 for a bottle of Powers.  Everyone liked it.  It was a little light but very easy to drink.  It was WELL worth the money.  I have a bottle of Killbeggan but I have not yet tried it. 

I had the Powers at one Irish Whiskey tasting and it was the favorite of several people -- over Jameson 12, Jameson 18 & Redbreast 12.  Most people prefered the Jameson 12.

I have been keeping an eye out for the Jameson 12, but have yet to find it.  I'm planning a trip to Detroit with a buddy in July and will look when I'm down there.  Based on your comments I may pick up a bottle of Powers to give it a try.  Although I'm starting to collect a sizable list of open bottles!

Jameson 12 is $29.95 locally in Rochester.  Very good bargain!

That is a good bargain for Jameson 12.  I like Power Gold Label, but I'd be curious to put it up against powers 12 or the Michael Collins.