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Costco Whisky?

Anyone actually tasted the Costco (that's right the big warehouse store) Macallan 18 years old?  As I understand it The Macallan is not happy about this bottling as the casks were for blending, not to be bottled as a signle malt.

I was just researching kirkland whisky!  I am trying to figure out if I can get it in New Jersey.


Mark talks about this whisky in one of his podcasts, although I have no idea which one.  He says it's basicially unauthorized by Macallan and not as good as the distillery bottlings (because it was destined for blending), but the price is suppose to be a good deal cheaper than any macallan product.  It would be interesting to put the real thing up against the Kirkland product.

Macallan has little to worry about. There are more than one Kirkland Macallan, perhaps, three. I picked one up, but after hearing about it from sources who have similar tastes, I kept it closed.  It is more of a curio at this point. 

If Macallan was smart, it would get Costco to market and sell the 10 year old.  Frankly, it is the IBs that can get novices interested in aged Macallan, among other distilleries. I think Kirkland should look to a few others, but did so because it is Macallan. However, if Macallan staff is concerned that the bottling is extremely inferior, then the answer is no. It is Macallan, it shares the characteristics.

I think that the cost of single malt, for those who are monthly purchasers, has gone out of whack.  Therefore, the IBs can help to introduce consumers to better expressions. This can spurn interest in the OB, even when the distilleries don't realize it. Too many distillers forget why Cadenheads has been around for so long. The Indies serve a purpose that aids both distillers and the public.

Yet, there is a certain amount of hording and jealousy that goes on. I think that hording and petty angst is counterproductive to the single malt industry. The SWA has to do a better job to work with Independents and Distilleries by encouraging master blenders and distillers to appreciate Indies purpose in times of feast and famine.  Cask management is a complicated calculus best served when a few unexpected positive surprises reach the market.

Distillers sometimes cannot get out a cask that will ultimately promote the distillery unless it goes IB due to inter-office politics. My interest in Macallan was significantly perked after trying and buying an IB Macallan.  If an IB goes right, then Macallan should reserve the bottle and work on emulating it.  To simply blend every cask in bond into age statements  leaves distillers at a loss, IMO.