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the bottle and the box

Buying a new bottle isoften an effort which one does one take ?

But when you look at the way ingle malt is merchandised , aquestion arises :


What is more important :The bottle or the case it is presented in?

While I agree that with single malts it is what inside that counts, the bottle does have some importance.When a novice comes over to bum some scotch, will they ask for your unpronounceable, plainly adorned bottle of single-malt or will they gravitate towards the cheap bottle of red label that they recognize from television commercials? Additionally, if the bottle lacks a watermarked label depicting a beautiful highland scene, that's attractive. What you want, to keep your single-malt safe, is a plain, unattractive label. Again, its a secondary concern, but important none-the-less.

OK it's nice if a bottle comes with a nice package, but when I think of what some packages might cost I prefer more content. Especially if the cupboard is already full of bottles and packaging is taking extra space. I remember also some bottles from Helen MacArthur with a painting on it. The bottles weren't selling because of the odd label, the content however was brilliant.