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"Book" Club Drink Suggestion?


I am expecting to host one of our local "book" club meetings in the next few months and was looking to see what the greater community of had to say about the whisky selection. 

My plan was to introduce the malt as one selected by an internet whisky group.  The challenges however are that I am in Ontario so the whisky selection will be limited to what is available at our gov't controlled stores (not bad selection, but not great either).  I would also like to keep the cost down to arounf $130 CAN.

So there you have it, anyone and everyone gets a say in the whisky selection for the next "book" club that I host.  Have fun with it and I look forward to seeing what people suggest.


This was my "gateway" malt, the one that led me ( by the nose ) away from habitually sipping GlenLivet to the wide world of other Malts!

Now don't you think you should declare your bias, being the founder of the "book" club and all?  Not a bad suggestion though, I have been meaning to try the Oban for a while now.