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1955 40 year old Bowmore

I have bottle #251 unopened and in wooden case, crystal decantor 750 ml.  I need ti sell this bottle very soon.  I am located in San Francisco.  The price is very good compaired to others that have sold and being a 750ml bottle should demand a premium.  The price on this bottle is $7,000.00 firm.  If you send me your email address I will forward pictures and of course you can have it authenticated by the expert of your choosing.  I have had several collectors look it over throughout the years and it is the real thing.

You are very luck to have found this treasure, the price is a good one, just a bit rich for me.

Good Luck


I need to sell this soon.  I am lowering the price to $6,900.00.

I heard on WhiskyCast they're releasing another 40 yo. Price is expected to be in the $10,000 range. Try contacting Mark Gillespie for possible leads on selling.

Are you sure you want to sell this great whisky?

I'm just a teacher. So I can't aford such a wonderful bottle. If I would have such a bottle i wouldn't sell it, I would enjoy it with a few friends who can appreciate it too.

Anyway, good luck in your effort to sell it, and a toast to the lucky fellow who's got the money to buy it. I hope he doesn't rape it with cola and ice cubes!

How much did the bottle sell for?

I hope you were clever enough to keep it for yourself. Enjoy it!!