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Carpe Drink'em

I discovered single malt Scotch soon after arriving at a double-digit age. There in the cabinet, hidden behind bottles of cheap clear liquor, was my father’s secret cache of the “Wee Dram.”

In 1967, at the tender age of 6, I also discovered the power of Social Networks when I became a charter member of what was arguably the worlds first: The Bazooka Joe Circle of Friends. However the cost of the annual membership (100 bubble gum wrappers) proved unsustainable given my dentist-fathers abhorrence for gum chewing, so I was left no choice but to resign my regional coordinator position at the age of 8.

For the next 38 years I drifted directionless in search of community affiliation. The idea for a community ForWhiskeyLovers occurred to me during a search for a bottle of Loch Dhu, a favorite of mine and my father. The search revealed that the brand had gone extinct, and it was then that I decided to harness my Internet experience to the noble cause of rescuing endangered whiskey; primarily for my own use, once the clock nudges past 6 (PM, usually).

I live in Piermont NY with my amazingly patient and tolerant wife, and my four kids who I idolize as only a proud father can.


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