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Sewing Machine Safety You Should Know

The sewing machine is a complex and powerful machine. If you are not careful while working with the sewing machine, it can also possess genuine danger. Nowadays, the sewing machine is modern. They come with electricity power and moving parts like needle and spring making it more necessary to keep safety in mind.

We have accumulated some great safety tips for our readers to create a safe environment while working with sewing machines. Also, go through - Best Product Reviews to know more about different sewing machines and their uses.

Sewing Machine Safety You Should Know


Working with needles is the first dangerous thing that pops up in mind while working with sewing machines. Getting your finger stuck between the needles is not a pleasant experience.

Keeping your finger safe from the needle is not a big deal. If you are a beginner at sewing, we highly recommend getting a finger guard for yourself.

Regularly service your machine

Service your machine at least once every two years. Regular service of your machine ensures your machine is in its top form. Also, it reduces the risk of any mishap, and provides long life to your machine.

Sewing over pins

Sewing over pins can happen to anyone, but it is really dangerous. If you use pins while sewing, always ensures that pins don’t come up in the way of the needle. Sewing over needle can mess up your work, and most importantly it can lead to the breaking of the needle.

Always switch off your machine

Most of the electronic sewing machine tends to generate heat when you let them sit idle for more than a minute. This makes the internal parts of sewing machine more prone to get damage. If you are a beginner, you can find the best sewing machine for beginners that will help you work with basic sewing projects at home.

Always switch off your machine when not usingAlways switch off your sewing machine


While working with the sewing machine, always focus on your work. This is the best way to stay safe while working. Never work if you are intoxicated, or too much tired from working. Not being in your full consciousness increase the chances of any mishap.

Keep care of electricity

Working with any electronic always has the chances of accidents. While working always be careful. Don’t let your machine get overloaded, don’t work with thick fabrics which your machine can’t take. Also always be aware from the tangled wire. Keep your wires behind the machine and don’t let them free on the floor. It will always keep your feet safe and avoid any injury due to the tangled wire.

Use Cutting Tools Properly

Sewing involves working with sharp edges tools. They can be really dangerous if you are not working with them cautiously. Always treat your tools with utmost respect and keep them in a safe place, and away from the reach of children.

Invest In Good Sewing Machines

Investing in a good sewing machine can never go wrong. A great sewing machine can help you like no other thing. Based on your requirement you can choose from different machines available in the market or choose from our definitive guide on which is the best sewing machine for beginners at Crafts Selection Youtube channel which give you a complete review on good quality sewing machines available for beginners in the market.