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What, me worry

G'Day all,   Been drinking Single Malt since 1975 & LOVE IT

I'll be 62 in a few days & have been totally enjoying Single malt since 1st getting turned onto Glen Levitt 12 YO @ 1976? Couldn't believe the color, the aroma, the

Since then my choice of favorite has changed as often as daily. Love a good single malt....have a passion for Glen Levitt 15YO French Cask but at the same time I've the same passion for JW Black, really the standard all others are judged by ?

Old Hippie to business person to sold business & retired 8/08, for 2 months till getting involved w/Reverse Mortgages as saw it was really cool adding dignity to peoples lives. When the cry on my shoulder as they can NOW afford their cancer medication or pay their utilitiy bills so the electric gets turned back on, well a high as good as the 60s high....need I say more? Kind of a high similar to a Dewars 18YO....also a standard other blends should be judged by, as well as JW Green, Gold & of course, the ever elusive & worth it expensive JW Blue.

See....told you my favorites change, that's why G-D seperated us from the animals, free choice :)

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