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Essay Outline Instructions for a 5 paragraph essay outline (suitable for an admission essay, reflective essay, argumentative essay, positional essay, cause verses effect essay, persuasive essay, comparison and contrast essay, classification essay, narrative essay, critical essay, observational essay, definitive essay, literary essay, classification essay, descriptive essay, evaluation essay, interview essay or critical essay). For other “assignment help” check our blog.

  1. Essay Title It is essential to choose an essay title pertinent to the main theme of the paper. Writers often find this to be quite a challenge because it s the that shows the reader to whether the paper is of interest to him or not. The title must identify the focus of the paper and entice the reader to continue reading. B. Table of Contents (not always needed) This is a brief explanation of what the essay contains. It organizes the sequence of ideas in the essay. A short essay does not need a table of contents but a lengthy one such as a dissertation or story (narrative) might benefit as it lets the reader see how the essay is laid out. The reader might want to go directly to a specific part of the essay and reading down the table of contents allows him to do this without taking time to dig through the entire essay.
  2. Motto Quote (also optional) Quoting a famous individual to support the main topic will place emphasis on the validity of the paper. A motto quote often adds inspiration and validity to the essay. D.Important part of “essay outline” is introduction. The purpose of the introduction is to attract attention of the reader and to allow him to get an overview of what the paper will contain. The introduction is very important as this is the one paragraph that will either hook the reader into reading more or make him lose interest and lay the essay down. E. Run down approval Check the text to make certain that all key points are covered.
  3. Body The essay will be divided into the introduction, body and conclusion. The body of the essay contains two or more paragraphs. In each of these paragraphs the key points are discussed. G. Conclusion The conclusion will summarize the main body of the essay and tie together all of the key points. The main theme will be repeated in the conclusion. H. Bibliography The bibliography will give credit to all other writers who have contributed to the development of the essay. It provides all sources used to back up thoughts and ideas presented in the paper. All quotes and ideas presented by anyone other than the person doing this essay must receive recognition in order to keep the paper from being plagiarized. The bibliography needs to be an alphabetical listing of all authors quoted.

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