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Murder Mystery, a Linear Path for the Accidental Sleuth?

Murder tends to follow a linear process, though it may not seem so as you write your mystery book or read one - noted in essay writing help service.

"Murder. It's an ugly word that describes an ugly act." Greg Fallis

Approximately 20,000 murders take place in the United States every year. That may have increased since this statement was made over five years ago. For every murder a woman is involved in (many are merely accomplices to the man who actually commits the crime) nine murders are committed by men.

Murder tends to follow a linear process, though it may not seem so as you write your mystery book or read one. From the crime to police investigation, to an arrest, defense investigation, the dominoes line up. Soon pre-trial hearings, jury selection, the trial, either the dominoes all collapse, snaring the criminal or setting her/him free. Or, these dominoes click one after the other sentencing, imprisonment and/or execution, hopefully, follows.

There are exceptions to every rule and murder is no different. Perhaps, the death of the victim looks purely accidental or even as if from natural causes. Perhaps, the investigating officers, detectives or accidental sleuths run into a dead end. Not enough evidence, inconclusive evidence or no suspect or person of interest surfaces during the investigation.

Each day new technology makes finding a murderer or ruling out natural causes, accidental death or the like, becomes easier. Sometimes it takes a very enterprising and brilliant sleuth to use her/his creativity to uncover the crime and the criminal.

Even when all the ducks are in a row and every detail of the case seems to create a cut and dried solid conclusion, on the rare occasion the perpetrator will go free, or the presumed guilty turns out to be truly innocent. Such is the nature of the murder, but especially, in a riveting murder mystery.

What seems true at first light is not necessarily true until the end when everything is signed, sealed and delivered, as they say.

Mystery authors tend to focus their story on one of the five areas of the murder mystery more than the others. Again Patricia Cornwell will focus on what the body tells her. Rizzoli and Isles television show (Tess Gerritsen and Lisa Gardner) focus on the crime scene investigation. Perry Mason or L.A. Law television shows focus on two parts—crime/investigation and trial. Authors like Stephen King or profilers, such as John Douglas, focus on the psychological process of the killer.

Every murder like every mystery author or reader has certain things in common and many differences.

Are there differences between homicide and murder, perhaps? Differences like those between robbery and burglary, perhaps. There could be, certainly serial murder, mass murder, a drug related murder, premeditated as opposed to a crime of passion, each has its own set of variables. Within the group of similar characteristics, no matter how different the execution of the crime there is a type of consistency.

Crime, Police Investigation, Defense investigation (will of course be different than the police investigation and yet similar in many ways.) Trial, Guilt or innocence, the verdict and the punishment follow.

Looking at the crime of murder, whether as a law enforcement official, lawyer on either side, or even author or reader, forces us to take a look at society in general, but ourselves in particular. What are we willing to put up with, protest about and how do we protect the rights of victim's family, the criminal, the court system and the criminal justice system altogether as well as society?

Mystery author who can help with essay, mystery reader, or criminal Investigator, innocent by stander, we all have a vested interest the outcome.