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I live in Rochester, NY and I have many tastings at my house with friends.  I am always open to meeting new people who enjoy whisky/whiskey drinking and tasting.  I also have a camp in Redfield, NY  and I am always up for having a few drams anywhere in the Tug Hill area.  Anyone near Pulaski, NY or Sandy Creek, NY?

Anyone interested in trying to blend a finished and non-finished whisky? 

I am just starting to explore tequila.  Anyone in the above areas interested in trying some with me?  I have a bottle of Don Julio 1942 Tequila to try as that came highly recommended.  First one I have tried is Patron Anejo and I very much enjoyed it.

I am also trying to learn more about Islay Scotch and which of those I like.  I have several Islay on hand that have come highly rated, now I need to find a time to explore them.