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Suntory Buys Beam

13 January 2014

It was announced today that Suntory is buying Beam Inc. for $16 billion. So far I have no information  how this will affect the brands. Suntory already owns Morrison Bowmore Distillers which has Bowmore while the Beam deal will bring Laphroaig into the Suntory fold. Beam also owns Teacher's, while MBD doesn't really bother about the blended Scotch category. It'll be interesting to see if the QC and blend work on Laphroaig and Teacher's stays with personnel currently with Beam in the UK or whether they shift over to MBD. Might give Rachel Barrie two Islays on which to work her magic, though Laphroaig does extremely well as it is at present. We wait to hear more.


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