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Glenmorangie Cellar 13?

Would anyone know where I can pick up a liter of Glenmorangie Cellar 13?  No longer produced.  Finding sellers in Europe but not in the States.  Picked it up in a duty free shop in London in 2007, a single malt from single cellar first casking.  Never had anything else like it.  Thanks!

Glenmorangie Cellar 13

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I have never heard of this one, can you compare it to other glenmorangies? 

Have you tried ebay?  you could have it shipped over from Europe by some sellers, slight risk doing that, but not that bad

how much does it go for?

The shipping is quite expensive, depending on where you live, but I just ordered the Cellar 13.  TWE has just about everything you could ever want alcohol related.  They are a one stop shop for rare scotches though.  If you happen to live in London, or plan to be in London, or know someone who plans to be in London, they still sell the Cellar 13 at their storefront.  TWE also insures their orders and are pretty easy to deal with.  I will warn you, the wait is killer and the box always gets stuck in customs for a bit.  But it always makes it here and always intact.

I hope you find yourself with a bottle of it soon.  :)

I have a bottle of it on my shelf here in Denmark.

I would consider parting with it, if you have a serious offer.

I have 2 bottles in Edinburgh. Reasonable offers considered!