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whisky rock's cooling effect

I have some whisky rocks but I do not use them often.  I decided to see just how much they would cool my whisky.  I put 1 ounce of whisky in a rock's glass (glenmorangie rocks glass, as will be used in my "glass" experiment) and added 3 whisky rocks.  details as follows:

Whisky temperature, room temperature and glass temperature:  65.3F

Whisky rock temperature:  6.0F

Whisky temp:

57.8F after 1 minute

58.0F after 2 minute

59.3F after 6 minute (already warming back up without moving or drinking the whisky)

59.8F after 8 minute

60.3 after 12 minutes


-this says that with each "rock", the temperature dropped about 2.5F but quickly warmed back up.  

-more could be added to drop the temperature lower, but it would have taken 6 to drop the temperature 15F.  That is enough if the room temperature is 65F to start, but not if it is 75 or 85F.

-a really thin glass may have made some difference, but I did not want to put these rocks into a delicate glass

-a more healthy dram, say 2 ounces, would only have dropped a little less that 4F in this same case (ignoring the thermal mass of the glass). 

-the whisky did not really "taste or feel" colder.

hope this helps for those who want to know more about the whisky rocks!

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So they only dropped the temp of the whisky by six or seven degrees, which was not a physically appreciable difference. Interesting. I guess when ice melts, the just-melted ice (water) is still fairly cold, and mixes with the beverage.

But maybe this is okay, since you don't want your whicky too cold, or you can't taste it as well.

I did not drink any of the whisky until after the 12 minutes was up, so it was  a 5 degree drop, but maybe with the 65.3F and 60.3F was not that noticeable.  If the temperature was dropped from say 75 to 70, maybe it would have been?  

to be more complete, I should have tried the same test with ice but since I don't like the watering down effect, I did not try that.

This does give a rough idea of the cooling effect and you are correct, since you don't want the whisky too cold, this is probably enough.