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Dewar's - The Drinking Man's Scotch

DEWAR’S Scotch Whisky is excited to offer an exclusive preview of its
brand-new campaign, “The Drinking Man’s Scotch.”

This edgy new campaign—which marks DEWAR’S return to national television
after a five year absence—subverts the tired conventions and tradition that
dominate Scotch whisky. Centered around the gritty world of the campaign’s
icon—a beautiful, alluring and mysterious Scottish woman with the presence
of a queen and the mouth of a gangster—“The Drinking Man’s Scotch”
reintroduces DEWAR’S to a new generation of modern men through the icon’s
signature words of wisdom, such as, “Serious is not always easy, but it
comes with serious benefits” and “Speed is often the enemy of true

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