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Dewars and TED

This just in from Dewars' PR firm:

"Dewar’s Scottish Whisky have just announced a 3-year partnership with TED, launching at this year’s TED Global conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. Through this collaboration, Dewar’s will demonstrate their commitment to innovation and ideas, ensuring they continue to push the boundaries of creativity – starting with a new Limited Edition Blend.
The limited edition product, Dewar House Experimental Batch 39, has been developed using a cask of Dewar's 12 year old that has been finished in a sherry butt for the past 5 years. This product was inspired by Tommy Dewar, son of the founder John Dewar Sr, who built Dewar House as his London base, and this is a tribute to his innovative work. Having recently announced a 3-year partnership with TED, the initial production of 30 bottles will be used at exclusive TED screening events taking place around the globe, with potential for a further release.

Dewar’s Whisky have created three new cocktails based on Charles H. Baker JR’s recipe book, ‘Jigger, Beaker & Glass: Drinking Around The World’. First published in 1939, it’s an industry-recognised piece of work that captured the essence of mixed drinks around the globe in the first part of the 20th Century. Dewar’s have adapted their three favourite recipes from the book to create a range of delicious whisky-based cocktails with a distinctly vintage feel."

What do YOU think about partnerhsips like this?....I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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I think partnerships are good in moderation of course. TED is a really good organization and it's nice to see them branch out. I wish smaller distillers and bottlers did more with partnerships. I really liked Glenfarclas doing a Movember bottling and giving some of the proceeds to men's cancer research.