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my Own Tasting Notes cont.

Just tried the last sample from my mailling. I really enjoyed it! I found it smooth (which I called soothing) and full flavored (yay! that was right!). I could tell it was older, so I guessed the 27 yr old Tomintoul, but it was Glenfarclas. I'm quite impressed that there's a 21 yr old single malt for ~$100 that I really liked. 

Forgot to say - how did I only get 7 for the "people's choice"? Other people don't like this one? How come?

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the glenfarclas 21 is a very good whisky.  I have had it after a heavier scotch that was peated and it seemed too light in flavor so I had it again the next day and it was then that I really appreciated the glenfarclas 21.  you are right, the price is very good on it and the price on the 25 year old is good too

Not sure about the people's choice points. I rated one whisky at the very middle of the road, and scored pretty low. It must have been a nearly unanimous vote for top honors by everyone else.


I hated the Springbank and rated it as such, and scored even lower. I was a little surprisedthat nobody else seemed to dislike it.