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Whisky in a Can

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now that is just wrong , but a bottle of water and a can of whisky would make for a grand time.

Just...odd. I dont' know if I'd be willing to try this.

For sipping or slipping comotose? The wisest statement is a rubber stopper attachment for the punch top can. If this blend is made as a money saver, then at least encourage responsibility.

Check out Mark Gillespie's W-Cast 4 more info. Is this product most likely to promote GlaxoSmithKline sales of anti-rejection liver meds. Big assumption: Will the Regional Organ Bank actually allow the transplant?

What's the Composition on this one, let alone the ABV; 97% grain, 3% malt?

What episode did WhiskyCast hit on this? I'm behind two or three.

I have just read that this is a blend of alcohol and malt extract.  It is definitly something I would be interested in seeing, but I don't know about putting it in my mouth.