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Lagavulin 16

Picked up a 200ml bottle "just to see" if the $110CAN price was justified for the full sized bottle, it is.  Smokey, rich, and lush, complex and tastey.  I haven't done a formal tasting yet but it reminds me of the Ardbeg Uggie, jsut a little softer in the mouth (the Ardbeg is 54%ABV though).

Bell's NAS Original

Sweet and smokey, with another dominate aroma that I can't seem to put my finger on.  Nothing terribly interesting abotu this nor is there anything offensive (the goal of a mass produced blend?).  Given the choice available in the market these days it's hard to understand why this particular blend is the top selling UK bottle (unless it has been usurped?). 

Whisky Companion

This is a classic from a classic whisky writter (who is saddly missed by many a whisky drinker).  This book covers distillery history, gives an overall impression of the spirit, and a discription of the different expressions on offer.  A very good resource.

Flask Flavor

I have never put scotch into a flask. I am worried that my scotch will end up having a metallic taste from the flask. I dont plan on letting the scotch sit in there for very long but does anyone have any opinons on that? Brian