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Westland American Oak Single Malt Whiskey (750mL)


Westland American Oak Single Malt Whiskey is the flagship expression of Westland Distillery’s “house style”. The whiskey is a reflection of where it is made and the collective intent of the distillers who made it.

Westland Distillery was founded with the vision for an entirely new category of whiskey. Distilled from the rich, flavorful barley of Washington State and matured predominantly in new American oak casks in the steady, cool humidity of the distillery’s seaside home, Westland American Oak Single Malt is a testament to that vision.


All of these choices and ingredients conspire to create an approachable, mature and uniquely American single malt that can stand with the best whiskies in the world.

Tasting Notes:

Nose/Aroma:  initially lemon and orange custard backed by freshly produced waffle cone. Shortly after, a rich creaminess emerges with creme brûlée and chocolate custard while a hint of jasmine hides just beneath the surface.

Taste: The first sip confirms the creamy and rich fruit custard notes of the nose, adding an element of rainier cherries. After five minutes, melting swiss chocolate is revealed with a hint of almond.

Finish: Extended tastings brings out bananas and cream with Turkish coffee.


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