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Starward NOVA Australian Single Malt Whiskey (750mL)


Starward Nova brings together Australian malted barley and Australian red wine barrels to create a distinctly Australian spirit. Housed in a large industrial space in Melbourne, this urban distillery is as bold and unconventional as the spirit it produces and the city it calls home. Starward’s distinctive whisky is matured exclusively in Australian wine barrels in the variable Melbourne climate – which experiences “four seasons in one day” – to create a dynamic form of elemental maturation.

Starward Nova Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Bright aromatics of red berries and orchard fruits with soft oak spice
Taste: A medium body; vanilla and complex berry fruit characters balanced with caramel and spice
Finish: Long, drying and slightly tannic, balancing the spirit
Price: $50.95
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