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Spurgeon’s Rum (750mL)


Alabama has a rich history in sugar cane farming, but a no history in rum production. John Emerald Distilling (JED) has created the first rum produced in Alabama since prohibition (and possibly ever). Since there are no sugar refineries in Alabama the cane grown here is specifically cultivated for a rich flavor and are traditionally used to create syrup or used as "chewing" cane. These varieties of cane along with sugars imported from the Mauritius Island allow JED to create a deep and flavorful rum.

The Rum's namesake, Spurgeon, was a big man with a gruff exterior and a gentle interior. His spirit was bold, feisty, cocky and kind all at the same time. John Emerald would like to think our Alabama Rum embodies and honors the spirit of Spurge.

Tasting Notes:

Color - Rich Amber
Nose - Butterscotch and fig
Palate - Caramel, Crisp Apple, and Dried Cherries
Finish - Oak Tannins and Vanilla

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