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Samaroli Highland Park 22 YO 1989 Single Malt Whisky (750mL)

Samaroli Highland Park 22 YO 1989 Single Malt Whisky

“Excellence”...”Uniqueness” These are the comments enthusiasts and trade members currently use at Samaroli tasting sessions; these adjectives fill us with pride and make us aware of our enthusiastic Clients' expectations. They are our constant objectives and sum up Samaroli's "Value Added" features. Samaroli products are the result of a series of factors that effectively make them unique when compared with others; a uniqueness that always aims for top grade perfection. Every Samaroli bottle always indicates: • the year of "birth" of the cask, • the year of bottling: the common belief that spirits don't improve after bottling is a falsehood • the number of bottles obtained from each individual cask • each individual bottle's number. Samaroli's main objective is to only select and bottle casks that are "… unique and excellent …" considering a single cask of the same quality, Samaroli will bottle it when it reaches the maximum of its possibilities, whereas industrial producers will bottle it when it is able to improve the result of many other casks that are not of such high quality. Highland Park needs no introduction. This single barrel selection stimulates the senses with pear skin, honey, peanut brittle, salt and a dash of peat. Bottled at 90 proof,the whisky has a well balanced bouquet with slight peat and pleasant “medici- nal” hints to the nose and on the palate. Mature with a pleasant aftertaste. Excellent.


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