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Paul John Whisky Single Malt Classic Select Cask (750ml)


Beeswax, and dried chamomile are rushing out of the glass, balanced by a crushed pepper, cinnamon spice mix. The palate matches the nose, with oak spice, orange peel and a tar profile. The finish lingers with clove and vanilla. Nose Fruity, malty aromas are intertwined with honey. A hint of bourbon teases your senses. Palate With the very first sip, flavours of malted barley greet you. A heady mix of bourbon and manuka honey-liquorice makes for an attractive spine. And while you relish this experience, the unexpected flavour of toasted honeycomb takes you by surprise. Finish This Single Malt has an absolutely elegant finish, with juicy Demerara tones ensuring a soft, friendly finish. Colour Rich amber.

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