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Paul John Whisky Single Malt Brilliance (750ml)


The nutty aromas are reminiscent of salted peanut butter and sprouted grains. Sophisticated and spicy in the mouth, the flavors of fresh grains are matched with spice and deep nuttiness with notes of roasted brazil nuts and hazelnuts. Nose The Demerara sugars give off a whiff of sweet fragrances, with a hint of cinnamon, dash of honey and faint spices. Palate Sweet and spice and all things nice, make this Single Malt. The honey-like smoothness is offset by the crunchy-bar-like crispness. Somewhere, there is also a tinge of cocoa. Finish Brilliance has a smooth and beautifully relaxed finish, with a hint of mild spices and deep intense vanilla. Colour Sparkling copper.

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