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The Macallan Double Cask 18 Year Old Highland Single Malt Whisky


The Best of Both Worlds. The Macallan’s unwavering commitment to exceptional wood management defines every aspect of their whisky creation - and in Double Cask, two worlds unite to create a distinctive Macallan. Created from the perfect balance of hand-picked American and European Oloroso sherry seasoned oak casks, the Double Cask range celebrates the coming together of two styles to brings a unique character to the fore, whilst presenting familiar flavors.

To create Double Cask, The Macallan bring new oak from America across thousands ofmiles to Spain, where casks are crafted and sherry seasoned before travelling to the distillery in Speyside to mature. At least 18 years later, these whiskies are then harmoniously united with the very best European sherry seasoned oak casks. This marriage creates flavors of rich dried fruits, ginger and toffee, an extraordinary mastery offlavor and natural color.

The Macallan Double Cask 18 Year Old Tasting Notes:

Color: Amber Honey

Aroma:  Dried Fruits, ginger and toffee with rich orange and hints of clove and nutmeg

Palate: Rich raisin and sultana with notes of caramel, vanilla and ginger balanced by wood spice and zesty citrus

Finish: Warm oak spice with ginger turning to sweet orange

Price: $368.64
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