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The Macallan Amber Single Malt Whisky (750mL)


Amber is part of The Macallan's new no age statement range of Speyside single malts, which concentrates on colour. The theory is that by using 100% sherry casks and natural colour, the darker the whisky, the older and more complex.

The Macallan Amber brings together two of the greatest strengths, natural colour and sherry seasoned casks. Together these create a signature Macallan character, embracing all the de ning elements which have made it one of the world’s truly great single malt whiskies. 
The name Amber reflects the actual colour of the whisky, which comes 100% from the wood in which is it matured The cask make up for Amber is 100% First Fill and Refill Spanish Oak and American Oak Sherry seasoned casks. 

Not afraid of the shortage that concerns many Scottish distilleries, Macallan has invested in new facilities and, more importantly for us willing to drink now, created a new range in 2012: the 1824 series. At its core, we have four colours for four ways to play with the wood. Like the Macallan Gold, the Amber edition is a blend of American and European oaks, but Amber comes with a higher proportion of 1st fill casks, therefore a darker colour.

Distillery Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Polite, almost apologetic at rst, with a oral, cirtrus sweet nose that gains presence, commanding a chorus of vanilla notes over freshly harvested grain. Raisin, sultana and cinnamon look on as toffee apples and candy oss step into the limelight.

Taste:: Fresh green apples and lemons mingle with cinnamon. Ginger notes hover as fruit takes over, with subtle oak lingering in the wings

Finish: Light to medium with soft fruits and cereal, slightly dry.

Tasting Notes by ForWhiskeyLovers Contributing Editor Christopher Null

Aroma: Sherry notes emerge right from the start, with a nose of spiced nuts and more citrus — plus lots of vanilla and some menthol. 

Taste: On the palate, it’s surprisingly bold — well sherried grains, candied ginger, more nuts (hazelnut?), 

Finish: a fruity finish. All in all, there’s simply more going on here — and that’s generally a good thing.

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