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Knappogue Castle Twin Wood Sherry-Cask Finished 16 Year Old Irish Single Malt (750mL)


Knappogue Castle 16 Year Old Twin Wood, a whiskey aged in two types of barrels,  spent a final nine months aging in sherry casks after 15 years and three months in bourbon casks – hence its name. Mark Andrews III, son of the founder of Knappogue Castle, developed this latest aged whiskey as a tribute to the brand’s heritage.

This Twin Wood, a refined 16-year old whiskey only recently bottled, spent the final nine months maturing in casks specially infused for Knappogue Castle with Oloroso Sherry. This sherry-cask finishing has added complexity and notes of nutty, sherry maltiness to Knappogue Castle’s characteristic, smooth, mellow taste. “We wanted to introduce Twin Wood in 2011 because it is the 60th anniversary of Knappogue Castle 1951,” said Mr. Andrews. “The link between the two products is the sherry finish. I consider this new offering homage to this brand’s unique history and heritage of innovation.” 

Only 1,900 signed and numbered bottles produced of the Knappogue Castle® Twin Wood 16 Year Old Irish Single Malt Whiskey.

Price: $96.65
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