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Jameson Distiller's Safe Irish Whiskey (750mL)


Part of the Whiskey Makers Series, The Distiller’s Safe is an Irish Whiskey that celebrates the craft of Midleton Head Distiller, Brian Nation, and his mastery of the Irish pot still. It also represents his command of the distiller’s safe, which allows him to confirm the quality of what’s inside the pot still, without having to open it.

While the barrel is often thought of as the primary contributor to a whiskey's overall flavor, the influence of the new-make (called "cleric" across the pond) can have a profound impact as well. The cleric is a product of the type of grains used, of the shape of the still, of the length of fermentation and distillation, of the size of the cut, of the type of condenser, and of many other factors that the master distiller can use to achieve his or her desired style. The distiller's safe, a small clear box where the distillate emerges from the final still, is the physical place where all of the distiller's work coalesces: the point where the final cut is made before entrusting the remainder of the process to the cask.

Bottled at 43% ABV, this whiskey is non-chill filtered.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: sugary sweet with hints of grapefruit
Palate: more sugary sweetness up front followed by hints of
almonds and orange citrus flavors
Finish: light & zesty

Price: $74.95
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