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Hillrock Estate Single Malt Whiskey (750mL)

Hillrock Estate Single Malt Whiskey (750mL)

Review by FWL Contributing Editor Commander Glendidit

With Hillrock Single Malt, you taste the change of seasons. I mean, it’s as though one’s actually imbibing Autumn in New England. Using New England Peat from deep in the mossy forest, Hillrock owner Jeff Baker and Master Distiller Dave Pickerell have created a whiskey as truly “Locally-Sourced” as anything a banjo- or gusla-strumming hill-person could offer you, and as refined and pedigreed as anything raised in toast by my kilt-wearing cousins to the German woman who pretends to the British Throne.

The handsome decanter bottle spills forth its amber essence and your whiskey sensors take you down a forgotten trail where the trees blaze forth golden-orange-winedark, with a misting of fallen oak leaf and red maple, the smoke and snap of sappy pine and acorns popping off in the fire; a peatsmoke fullness to the air with just a lick of blackstrap and forgotten Halloween candy to twist it to a lip-smacking close. Yum-O, as we used to say. It is sipping whiskey warmth of unparalleled fitness for our inevitable voyage into Winter.
Hillrock Smoky Single Malt is a taste to be remembered, even while you are drinking it.

The Commander's Tasting Notes:

Color: Honey Amber

Nose: Crème brulee and shortbread with caramelized orange and heather

Taste: Balanced and smooth, with faint citrus notes, rounded off with toffee, dried fruit, cinnamon and clove

Finish: Long and slightly dry, yet spicy with a delicate, lingering smokiness


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