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Hancock’s President’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon (750mL)


In 1775, the Leestown settlement was established along the banks of the Kentucky River by Willis and Hancock Lee. Soon this became a well-known shipping port for tobacco, hemp and whiskey. The Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey pays tribute to the pioneering spirit of Hancock Lee. Buffalo Trace bottles Hancock’s as a single barrel expression at 88.9 proof, with no age statement.  Buffalo Trace’s mash bill number two includes approximately 12-15% rye grain, which is the highest rye content mash bill of their bourbon offerings. Overall, the flavor profile is pretty balanced all the way through, and makes for a nice sipping bourbon in the spirit of Blanton’s and Elmer T. Lee.

Tasting Notes:

Color: Deep amber 

Aroma: Classic bourbon notes of vanilla, sweet corn, and a light toasted pecan note dominate the nose. Secondary notes are light and sweet with traces of mango and papaya.

Palate: Hancock’s Reserve leads off the front of the palate with  a nice balance of honey, clover, warm notes of cinnamon and lighter notes of dark fruits, such as plum and cherry. In the mid-palate, the cinnamon notes turn to pepper and oak with light vanilla notes balancing the slightly dry and bitter notes of oak, and a dash of spice

Finish:  slightly dry, long and warm with the pepper and oak notes and light caramel.

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