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Grand Traverse True North Rye Vodka (750mL)


Clear, Cream, powdered sugar, dried citrus peel, and delicate spice and nut aromas. A smooth silky entry leads to an off-dry medium body of meringue, toasted hazelnut, honeyed  fig, and delicate spice. Finishes with a delicate creamy vanilla and wet stone fade. A very smooth and flavorful vodka with an elegant style. Will make a great martini.

Tasting Notes:

Color: Brilliant, crystal clear.
Aroma: Beautiful aromatics offering scents of lemon curd, dried black fruits, dried flowers, spicy rye bread, and subtle mineral notes.
Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied and sure to destroy any ideas you may have about Vodka being a neutral spirit
Taste: The palate echoes the nose delivering the complex set of flavors on a silky, viscous palate that carries the vibrant and rich flavors like a fluffy cloud.






Price: $35.75
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