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Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon (750mL)


From time to time Dan and Donnis, aka the Garrison Brothers, will release one of the most highly-coveted bourbon whiskies in America: their Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon.

It takes special barrels to create a whiskey sweet enough to be enjoyed at such a high proof. The potency normally overpowers the flavor, leaving a burning sensation in the throat. However with Garrisons Brothers Cowboy Bourbon, this isnt the case - this hooch is so sweet, the flavor overpowers its proof...thanks to the Texas heat. 

Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon was the American Whiskey of the Year in Jim Murray’s 2014 & 2017 Whisky Bibles. It’s the penultimate ambrosia. Unlike the Small Batch, Cowboy Bourbon comes from Dan and Donnis’ favorite barrels, which they et aside for a couple of years for further maturation, then bottle the liquid i at cask-strength, uncut and unfiltered.

Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon 2021 Tasting Notes:

Aroma: enticing aromas of sweet pipe tobacco, full-grain leather and fresh-baked banana nut bread. 

Palate: opening notes of wildflower honey and sparkling plum soda, followed by warm raspberry chocolate pie drizzled with whipped ganache. 

Finish: chocolate-covered Luxardo cherries paired with fine armagnac for a dessert finish.

Limit: One (1) bottle/ customer please

Price: $395.00
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