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Douglas & Todd Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey


Panther Distillery uses Red Winter Wheat & Corn are locally sourced from Douglas & Todd counties in Minnesota. The whiskey is made in small batches at Minnesota’s first craft distillery, Panther Distillery, using naturally cold water, which makes for a better distilling process, flowing in at 38 degrees from the aquifer.  The  Bourbon is aged a minimum of 4 years  in Oak barrels with a #3 char level.  Minnesota’s extreme seasonal temperatures allow the barrels to optimally absorb the bourbon during long, hard winters.

Douglas & Todd is a small batch, handcrafted, straight bourbon born and raised on the unforgiving plains of Minnesota. The bourbon is aged a minimum of four hard years in handmade oak barrels that provide D&T its distinctive character. Distilled and rested in two historic counties at the first craft distillery in Minnesota. Douglas & Todd was built to be a bourbon drinker’s bourbon.

This creates a whiskey that has a sweet, smoky, woody character, with a hint of fruit and vanilla at the finish.


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